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Let’s Grow NFT
Wise Together

The Forest is a community and educational platform that empowers creatives to thrive as Web3 creators.


A World Filled With
Thriving Web3 Creators


The Forest’s mission is to empower creatives with the knowledge, connections and tools required to become thriving independent Web3 & NFT professionals.


Journey Into The Forest…
The NOCTUAS Will Guide You

We understand that this new world can be confusing and that it comes with threats.


The Noctua are a flock of honest, trustworthy and dependable owls HOO will protect you, and safely guide you on your Web3 journey.


The Noctua are the Guardians of The Forest.


Dare to soar.

Take Your Education to New Heights

Navigate Web3 with confidence.

Fly The Skies Together

The Noctuas are here to kickstart or extend your journey with inspiring experiences, world-class education, delivered by expert facilitators.

Earn Yo’ Freedom

Grow wise and earn your freedom as a thriving NFT creator. Discover how to monetize your content and art.


Our Flight path

Soar with us

Phase 1 - Building the Foundation

Sourcing Our Guardians

Finding our 10 founding members and establishing governance, rules, and mission of the D.A.O.

Artwork Creation

Designing the iconic Noctua character and The Forest brand universe.

Phase 2 - Soft Launch


The Forest Discord Community is free and open for anyone to join.

Website Launch

We are officially launched our website at Creative South 4/7/22.

Phase 3 - Cohort 1

First NFT Drop: The Forest Passport

Limited to a reserve list of 20 featuring special edition Noctuas.

Live event 6/22 at 9pm UTC / 5pm EDT / 2pm PDT for Q+A and NFT whitelist potential!

Summer Camp

We will begin hosting workshops to guide you down the path of creating your own NFT project, by giving you the insight to The Forest’s creation process.

Phase 4 - Cohort 2 + Second NFT Drop

Cohort-Based Education

Education Cohort 2 and beyond – A new flock of Noctua NFT’s, periodically released in tiers and phases, offering continued education for new Forest members.

Phase 5 - Soar

The possibilities are endless!

We would love for you to help us define the rest of the The Forest’s Roadmap.


Replanting Forests across the world

Creating Tr-hoo Impact
For every transaction utilizing The Forest, a number of trees are planted in partnership with OneTreePlanted.org.
This extends to the individual NFT’s of the Forest collection as well. Royalties are built into the smart contract to ensure a portion of the NFT sale price is donated back into nonprofits for even more forest building.
 We truly believe that today’s practices should be tomorrow’s standard. We envision this to be a true call to action for all Web3 providers to join us as we attempt to pioneer this beneficial behavior.
Why trees?

Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, including owls.

Forests provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people, absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, and are key ingredients in 25% of all medicines.


The Guardians of The Forest

We are a parliament of multi-disciplinary creative professionals from across the globe.

Honest. Dependable. And real-hoots, here to protect & guide.

Colorado | USA


Florida | USA


Athens | Greece


New Jersey | USA


Sydney | Australia


Connecticut | USA


Rhodes | Greece


New York | USA


Tijuana | Mexico


Colorado | USA



See The Forest
AND The Trees

“Noctua” means night bird or owl in Latin.


We collectively embody the spirt of the owl:

🦉 Silent flight:
We work autonomously and continuously. We own our schedule.


🦉 Acute hearing:
We listen to everything. We hear all member proposals and ideas. Every single one.


🦉 Acute vision:
We see far into the forest, long term. We all know the journey we are on.


🦉 Owls can turn their heads 270 degrees on a dime:
We are agile. We pivot quickly when needed. We respond to proposals and we vote fast.

Noctua NFTs are not quite on sale yet, but keep your eyes on our Discord channel for updates!

Soon. Keep your eyes on our Discord channel for updates!

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Our curriculum is specifically tailored to creatives. You already have the talent and skills, we will teach you how to monetize them.



Our founding team is made up of 10 fully doxxed multidisciplinary creatives from around the world. We are all providing our own experiences with running businesses, harnessing creativity, and learning about web3 to bring you maximum value.

…Why not?!


Our Discord and email lists are free to join at any time. Jump in and discover The Forest.


Fly With Us

Join The Noctuas