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Grow Web3 Wise (Cohort 2) – Waitlist Now Open

Grow Web3 Wise Cohort 2

Hoot Hoot! 

The Forest Guardians are back. 

And we’re soaring.

Soaring because we’re opening up Cohort 2 to our ever-evolving ‘Grow Web3 Wise’ bootcamp!

This bootcamp will help you PLAN, BUILD and GROW your Web3 project – live with expert guidance!

You’ll learn how to transition your professional knowledge into Web3. 

And you’ll have a flock of Web3 enth-HOO-siasts flying along side you on your journey.

We’ve updated the curriculum and taken it to new heights. 

It’s better, faster, and hyper-focused (like an owl). 

Over 6 weeks, The Forest Guardians, will work with you in real-time to plan, build and grow your Web3 project via live video lessons, live mentoring and Q&A.

Here is an overview of our curriculum:

Grow Web3 Wise

  1. 1. PLANNING: How to Put Together a Master Plan for Your Web3 Project 
  2. 2. STRATEGY: How to Use Strategy, Brand & Design for Enduring Success 
  3. 3. CREATING: How to Create NFTs: Art, Tech & Smart Contracts
  4. 4. BUILDING: How to Build Web3 Technologies Into Your Project 
  5. 5. MARKETING: How to Reach, Engage & Grow Your Audience 
  6. 6. LAUNCHING: How to Effectively Launch & Grow Your Web3 Project PLUS Business in the Metaverse

Not only do you get all this, but you will get exclusive access to The Forest which includes:

10+ Bonus Recorded Workshops

  1. 1. Creating Web3 Whitepapers + Roadmaps
  2. 2. Brand Strategy & Brand Identity 
  3. 3. Project Management
  4. 4. Community Building & Discord Set Up 
  5. 5. Creating NFT Artwork
  6. 6. Defining Your Cause
  7. 7. Competitive Analysis & Web3 Case Studies
  8. 8. Building a Web3 Website
  9. 9. Audio Branding
  10. 10. Video Production


  • —Access to complete course content: worksheets, slide decks, videos and more!
  • —Pre-made file templates and downloadable assets
  • —Access to private Forest Discord channels
  • —Plus many more perks outlined here.

We’re aiming to launch Cohort 2 on October 24th but the exact dates & times will be determined based on attendees. 

The cost will be 0.5 ETH (approx. US$650 as of today) which includes access for life and all the perks as outlined.

Dare to soar into Web3…

 Join our waitlist. (Instructions below)

Instructions to Join Waitlist

To get on the waitlist, you will need to register here:

a) Visit

b) Click ‘Connect Your Wallet’ and enter your details. Registering is free. 

Don’t have a Wallet? Learn more & get one here

Your Wallet is your first entry point to Web3, cryptocurrency and our education. You’ll need it!

c) We will contact you with further instructions.

We recommend you know the very basics of Web3 & NFTs before you start our program. If you’re totally new, watch our free Web3 & NFT Training for Beginners.

Testimonials from Cohort 1 students:

“The investment pays for it self, you won’t get this value anywhere not even from any accredited university or school. Honestly by the second workshop, you have the foundation set for everything that follows and that is priceless

Building a business or web3 project is not easy but The Forest gives you the roadmap and tools to do so. And the best part of it all, the team behind are people you can trust and count on, they are my new friends.” 

— Enok 

You will not regret it, the content of the course/workshops is amazing but more than that is the feeling that the founders will be really there for you – you almost feel you have a personal coach with you. Totally worth my investment and it will be worth yours!”


If you have any questions or need help, please email us at or ask us in our Discord.

See HOO in The Forest!

– The Forest Guardians

Dare to Soar

PS. Go register for the waitlist

Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass

Brand designer, strategist, educator, business coach and the founder of JUST Creative, a branding & design consultancy that doubles as an industry-leading blog and community. Co-founder of The Forest, heading up Brand Design & Marketing.

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